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Chrysanthemum Collection


P.S.Fiorenza_Godi Fiorenza_Venice, Italy

P.S. FIORENZA_GODI FIORENZA is the brand of Patrizia Fiorenza; Fashion Designer and Samanta Fiorenza; Accessories and Jewellery Designer.
The label merges art with tradition, offering exclusive designs, that combine highly tailored pieces, soft knitwear and jersey, innovative, sculptural cutting with exquisite detail and hand finishing that has become synonymous with the brand.
Every piece by P.S. Fiorenza_Godi Fiorenza makes a statement-dramatic, individual, stylish, the designers’ collections make reference not just to their heritage and mixed cultural background but to art, history and architecture as well as to the extraordinary every day, to create collections that have a strong signature style. We look forward to creating the same tailor made experience on our online store, P.S.Fiorenza as you would find in our boutique in Venice, Italy.


About Us


"While Patrizia takes care of the sculptural clothing, Samanta focuses on accessories and jewellery. Often embellished with embroidery and sewn glass beads, the clothes are inspired by art, architecture and eastern Asia."

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"The two sisters that own the store have created a very personal brand, that mixes traditional elements with a contemporary look that is curated with care."

Lonely Planet


"The Fiorenza sisters will sex you up top to toe,with frocks, jewels, hats and heels, RTW or bespoke."

Luxe City Guides


"The London-trained Godi designer sisters sell exquisite knitwear, stylish coats and chiffon evening tops, as well as accessories, including jewellery and shoes."

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"Patrizia and Samanta are two sisters with Venetian origins but that grew up and studied in London. This duality is reflected in their work: traditional bespoke tailoring techniques and modern interpretation, elaborate yet wearable pieces that can be mixed with casualware: for example the beaded silk tops, which can also be ordered made to measure. They also create unique, one of a kind necklaces."

Venezia, Botteghe_Michela Scibilia

Welcome to P.S.Fiorenza

We welcome you to P.S.FIORENZA, the online store of the designers Patrizia Fiorenza and Samanta Fiorenza. We are constantly working on the website to showcase as much of our collection as possible, so we hope that you will be interested to see how our e-boutique develops as we continue adding new products, icontents and nformation about the services available.

P.S. We always answer, questions, queries about our brand, products and service. You can e.mail us directly at

p.s.fiorenza@gmail.com or

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