Wallflowers Moda


wallflower / w lfla / ˈ ɔː ʊə
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
1 A southern European plant with fragrant yellow, orange-red,
dark red, or brown flowers thatbloom in early spring.
Cheiranthus cheiri, family Cruciferae
2 informal A shy or excluded person at a dance or party,
especially a girl without a partner.

The eye is instinctively drawn to Wallflowers as they grow within
the patterned reality of time.
A vivid photograph amplified through the study of colour and
form reflected in a palette of long forgotten wallpaper.
A (k)not in time, a memory recalled and relived, notes
written on the wall.

“Creating is living doubly. The groping, anxious quest of a
Proust, his meticulous collecting of flowers, of wallpapers,
and of anxieties, signifies nothing else.”
Albert Camus,The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays
The Wallflower collection. No dull girls, just Wallflowers.