Leather Cuff_Purple with Lilac Silk Knot | Designed by P.S.FIORENZA

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Purple Leather Cuff with Lilac Silk Knot
Order is for a single cuff. (In photo shown as pair).
As designer-makers each piece within the jewellery and fashion collections are 
designed and made in the boutique/atelier/design studio; GODI FIORENZA which is based in Venice, Italy.  The designers are dedicated to producing the highest quality of design and craftmanship, offering the P.S. Fiorenza customer online the same experience and quality as in they were in the physical store.  Ethics, innovation, and artisanal know-how are intrinsical to all pieces that make up their collections.
All cuffs are designed and produced by the designers Samanta Fiorenza and Patrizia Fiorenza. 
Measurements: 18cm length, 3cm width